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Visit our health shop! We have the widest selection of natural and organic health products, cosmetics, remedies and books in the city. Our staff are always happy to answer your questions.

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Natural Health Care

There are a large number alternative treatments available for health problems such as digestive problems, fatigue, poor immunity,menopause & PMS

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Revive Q10 Plus

Revive Q10 Plus 

Recent research from University College Hospital Galway, has shown that the hugely successful product “Revive Q10″ is not only great for its anti-aging properties, but has now been shown to aid in lowering cholesterol and even fighting off type II diabetes. The two main ingredients, CoQ10 and L-Arginine, enabled the participants of the study to lower the dosage of their cholesterol medication and even come off insulin. So not only can this supplement plump skin, thicken hair and smooth wrinkles. but the amino acids found in Revive Q10 Plus may hold the key to internal anti-aging also. Revive Q10 is now available from Dublin Nutri Centre. Ask in store for details.


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