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  • Zephorium Natural Organic Perfume Rollettes

    Loaded with vitamins A, B, E and homoeopathic crystals - 

    keep on hand throughout all day to refresh & restore the mind, body & spirit

  • Radiate Good Health

    Turmeric – the most researched food of recent years.

    LearnOrganic Turmeric Juice why this traditional antioxidant has been one of the world’s leading healthiest food supplement.

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  • Matcha Green Tea

    The new energy drink everyone is talking about!

    Learn more about the health benefits of this ancient green tea that’s causing a buzz in the media

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Product of the Week

aura spray 8 row sharpened - small

Zephorium Chakra Aura Therapies

The Zephorium chakra aura therapies range are self-empowering tools for transformation and balancing. By addressing holistic imbalances, they can protect, heal and restore. They combine colour therapy, aromatherapy, homoeopathy, crystals and affirmations, in a beautiful collection of soul tonics.

The product range is available as Aura Spray 50ml, body lotion 250ml, body oil 100ml or rolette 10ml.

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Nutri Recommends


100% Pure Turmeric Juice 250ml

100% organic turmeric juice

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Best Seller


ProVen Probiotics Adult Probiotic 25 Billion

ProVen Probiotics Adult Probiotics containing  a guaranteed 25 billion friendly gut bacteria comprised of the much studied Lab4 blend of probiotics, proven in clinical trials to be effective in supporting immune and digestive health. 30 capsules

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Customer's Favourite Products


Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 473ml & 946ml BACK IN STOCK !

A safe, natural, inexpensive way to a more youthful body…

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Noni Juice

Noni Juice

NONI juice is a powerful anti-oxidant, which contains 100% pure certified organic juice, with no added sugar or artificial chemicals.

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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences Stock Bottles

The Australian Bush Remedies were developed by Ian White, a 5th generation herbalist and naturopath. We carry all of the combination essences and single stock bottles in store.

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