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The A'kin shampoo range works differently from other shampoos. The sophisticated combinations of cleansers leave your hair feeling beautiful and extra clean, whilst retaining the essential natural oils and moisture. Many shampoos use harsh sulfate and ethoxylated cleansing agents which excessively strip the hair of its own moisture and then re-surface the hair shaft with synthetic chemical coating agents in an effort to replace lost shine and body. All A'kin shampoos are hypo-allergenic, matching the skins natural pH, and are available in 225ml flip top bottles and 500ml pump packs.

A'kin conditioners work to detangle the hair, increase manageability and unlike other conditioners, help to improve the condition of the scalp. High quality expensive nourishing ingredients used in generous amounts are blended to penetrate, re-moisture and nourish every single hair shaft and the scalp. Continuous use will lead to more shiny, lustrous, manageable, healthier hair and scalp.

The styling and treatment hair care products contain a synergistic blend of ingredients to help improve microcirculation and protect hair from heat styling and environmental damage. The result is hair that is stronger, softer, more flexible and easier to manage. 

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