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100% Pure Turmeric (Curcumin) Concentrate 250ml

Nature Knows


We have sourced a 100% organic pure turmeric (curcuma) concentrate  which will allow our customers benefit from all of the benefits of turmeric in an easy to take drink.  Used as a natural tonic rich in antioxidants and blood invigorating qualities to help with anti-ageing

Natural anti-inflammatory properties may alleviate pain and inflammation caused by injuries, rheumatism, menopausal stiffness, arthritis and symptoms of MS.

Encourages optimal digestion and may ease symptoms of IBS, Crohns Disease, ulcerative colitis and improve regularity.

Antimicrobial properties help calm sore throats, coughs and inflamed tonsils.

Expectorant qualities helps relieve the body of built up mucous.

Helps alleviate fungal infections such as candida as well as other infections such as helicobacter pylori.

Check out this video below for creating your own turmeric tonic which can be made using powdered turmeric or the curcumin concentrated.


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