Doctor Mahers … more than cosmetics



Doctor Mahers  is a 100%pure, natural range of therapeutic body care products. Our formulae contains only the highest quality, safe, natural botanical and seaweed extract in effective amount. Our aim is to provide potent allergen free products that nourish and protect all skin types.

Our product is formulated from the purest sea and plant extracts and is dermatologically approved. Our range is suitable for sensitive & all skin types.

We currently have four products in our range.

Vitalize Cleansing Bar: formulated to gently cleanse restore and revitalise even the most sensitive skin. Suitable for very dry skin, Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis for all ages.

7 Berry Facial Serum: this concentrated complex has 10 times more antioxidants capacity than leading brands. Benefits include anti aging,  restores natural youthfulness, deeply moisturizing, ultra concentrated, promotes healthy skin balance, Hypoallergenic, moisture capturing lipids firms and lifts skin and aids hyperpigmentation reduction.

Liberty Corrective Serum:  benefits include, improves appearance, multi-regenerative treatment, intensely moisturizing, Calming and soothing, anti- inflammatory, enhanced skin barrier function, moisture retention, neutralizes free radical damage, Hypoalergenic and formulated for all skin types.

Eutopia Body Wash: this is a rich moisturizing body wash, formulated to gently cleanse, restore and revitalize even the most sensitive skin: independent scientific tests have revealed extraordinary beneficial qualities. Antioxidants up to 25x higher than leading international brands. Barrier function, up to 10x more essential fatty acids than leading competitors. Concentrated 340 % more active ingredients and up t0 80x more natural emollients (moisturizers) than highest industry norms.