Immiflex – Adult 30 veg cap




ImmiFlex is a powerful new product, highly effective in immune enhancement. It contains Wellmune WGP a Beta Glucan derived from bakers yeast, which has been extensively researched and clinically tested for immune enhancement. Combined with Vitamin D3 it provides a supplement without equal in the market place.

Immiflex Will

ImmiFlex will:

  • Help offset the effects of stress
  • Benefit those who undertake heavy exercise
  • Reduce the impact of coughs and colds
  • Exercise your immune system to meet daily challenges
  • Safe, non-allergenic, anti candida formula
  • Suitable for all blood types
  • Suitable for children,- see special formulation.
  • Manufactured to GMP standard
  • Best value nutritional combination of Beta-Glucan plus Vitamin D3

Recent article appearing in the Daily Mail:

Dr. Richard Fuller at The Dove Clinic, in London, says:
“Until a couple of years ago I was always picking up coughs and colds, partly through work but also perhaps because I go kite surfing and being in such cold temperatures made me more vulnerable. So I take Immiflex, a supplement containing beta glucan and vitamin D – both are really important for boosting immunity. Since using it I haven’t had a cold.”

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