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Noni De Tahiti

MORINDA CITRIFOLIA is a bush / tree, known in Polynesia under the name NONI, NONO or NONU. For some years, the interest in NONI has been aroused in the West, but the fruits and even the leaves have been used for centuries used in traditional medicine in Polynesia.

Morinda citrifolia trees grow abundantly (mostly wild) & practically everywhere in Polynesia. They also grow on Tahiti and on its 120 islands, where they grow exempt from modern pollution in ideal conditions, namely year-round perfect weather and fertile, mineral rich, volcanic soil. Sun ripe fruit is manually picked, washed and collected in large drums.  Moreover, only fruit from certified organic origin is used for the NONI DE TAHITI juice (controlled by ECOCERT BE-1).


  • natural source of vitamins & minerals to boost overall health
  • improved vitality
  • strengthens the immune system
  • restores body’s internal organs & systems
  • improves digestive complaints
  • analgesic – beneficial for back and neck pain
  • relief from migraine and tension headaches
  • anti-inflammatory properties, reducing pai, swelling, stiffness and bruising