Virdian 100% Organic Chaga and Cacao



Nourish. Comfort. Balance.

Immerse your senses in a new potent Nordic Forest Blend 100% Organic Wild Chaga & Raw Cacao beverage shaped by nature unveiled by the leading brand of ethical supplements Viridian Nutrition.

Potent Wild Nordic Chaga extract combines with flavanol-rich Cacao from the Peruvian rainforest to create a bi-cultural melting pot.

Harvested in two hemispheres, from organically certified forests to ensure purity and sustainability, and carefully blended to create a pleasant-tasting, nutrient-dense beverage.

From the icy beech forest of Finnish Lapland and the steamy rainforest of Peru to your cosy kitchen. Enjoy warm.

Each 30g jar of 100% Organic Wild Chaga& Raw Cacao contains 30 servings. To make, simply take one level teaspoon and stir into a mug of hot water or milk of your choice. Enjoy warm.


Sales Price: €49.70