Zephorium Chakra Therapies Oil 100ml

Zephorium Soul Tonics

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The Zephorium chakra aura therapies range are self-empowering tools for transformation and balancing. By addressing holistic imbalances, they can protect, heal and restore. They combine colour therapy, aromatherapy, homoeopathy, crystals and affirmations, in a beautiful collection of soul tonics.

There are eight Chakra Aura Therapies  in the range, so when ordering just choose the ones you would like to purchase from the option box above and then add to your basket. The Following Aura sprays are available to order.

Base Chakra / Ruby Crystal Soul Tonic

The base chakra represents the body’s relationship with the material world. It grounds people in their physical existence. Red is the colour of blood and of life. It can boost determination, the will to survive and battle through. It is strong and forceful.

Sacral Chakra / Carnelian Crystal Soul Tonic

Related to the sexually-aroused energy flow. Encourages creative energies and how you seek pleasure. It is how you connect with people and the surrounding environment. Enjoys the sensations of physically being alive. Connected to the 5 senses.

Solar Plexus Chakra / Citrine Crystal Soul Tonic

This chakra is related to personal and material power. It aids the manifestation of hopes and dreams. Wilful people create their own reality. Enjoys feeling of warmth. Instigates willpower and self-belief.

Heart Chakra / Rose Quartz Crystal Soul Tonic

Deprivation of love warps natural development. The heart chakra connects to the arms, and runs through to the hands – used commonly in expressions of love. Opens to loving kindness. Enhances mental clarity and social identity.

Heart Chakra / Emerald Crystal Soul Tonic

This central chakra bridges the physical and spiritual you. It is well balanced and close to nature.

Throat Chakra / Aquamarine Crystal Soul Tonic

This chakra governs communication and speech. Expression of true self. Constructive influence through written and verbal forms of communication. It is the colour of healing and complements creativity and telepathy.

 Brow Chakra / Lapiz Lazuli Crystal Soul Tonic

This chakra is the psychic centre – the Third Eye. It is the source of inner wisdom and intuitive powers. Key to developing psychic abilities. Discover hidden beliefs and bring them to reality.

Crown Chakra / Amethyst Crystal Soul Tonic

Directly connects with higher self. Dissolves the illusion we are separate from other humans and life forms. Understands true nature of reality and uniqueness.

Each tonic celebrates a chakra, and the carefully selected ingredients bring to life the thorough and positive components needed for the overall health of that chakra. The soul filters energetic consciousness and so events, dreams, hopes, desires, fears, traumas and regrets are all absorbed by the chakras. By healing chakras, we influence lives and health and well-being.